Modern Stencils

Stencilling has gotten a bad rap and so it should after the stencilling debacle of the nighties. I may or may not have done my share of bad stenciling.  Lately though I have seen some impressive examples of stenciling which I assumed was wallpaper.  I found a few sites that sell stencils that you could defiantly create the look of wallpaper for much less.
I found the following stencils from Royal Design Studio
I can picture the two following stencils used as a kitchen backsplash.

The above two photos would look amazing on painted floors.

The Following are from Olive Leaf Stencils

I can picture the polka dot stencil in pale pink walls with a darker pink dot used in a girls room. Don't worry if you want to kick it old school there are still lots of ivy border stencil patterns available!