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Cesca Chair Remake

I had posted earlier about the amazing chairs I had picked up for 5 bucks each, well I have finally finished them.  I decided to paint them all black, I was toying with the idea of only doing the frames black.  I realized once I started that all black would be the easiest way to go, and the good thing is I love how they turned out.  I also reupholstered the seats in a matte black vinyl, that is soft and looks like leather.  The total cost of the chairs is around 70 bucks, and that is for six chairs! I still have two more to reupholster.

There is still a lot to do in the dining room to finish it off.  I am planning on painting that chest in the back high gloss blue, with beautiful brass hardware.  I have a large mirror to hang above it, and of course drapery, pillows, rug, etc........