Pretty and Pink Bedroom Design

I have been working on my daughters room for a while now.  I really want to finish it off and have one room in my house that is completely done!  So here is where we started, and let me tell you in advance that this is the previous owners furniture, colours, and design.

To put it mildly, the colours, furniture and layout were hideous!  I knew first thing first I had to get rid of those awful paint colours.   It was painful to spend anytime in there. So I started with finding fabrics as a jumping off point for the room design.
And from these I pulled a nice soft pretty pink.

Benjamin Moore Playful Pink.

We painted, and I made some pillows.

I found a thrift store stool  and painted it white and pink.

Hung some curtains.

Did a Diy on these boxes.

Hacked some Ikea shelves.

Found some fabulous thrift store finds.

Framed some of my favourite baby items as art.

Turned a Barbie calendar into some artwork.

I covered that headboard in fabric and hacked these Ikea sconces.
 So all in all it seems like I have done a lot but,  its not completely put together.  The problem with doing work on your own house is you don't treat it like a clients.  I should be creating a plan and sticking to a timeline.  So that is clearly what I need to do to get this job done.