One Room Challenge Week 2

I am well on my way into implementing my design for the one room challenge linking event.  I have started on painting and sourcing some products for my front hall.  Here is my original plan. 

Here is how my front hall looked before.

 I have started painting, keep in mind that this is only one coat on most of the surfaces and its a horrible picture taken at night!  Even so,  it is already looking much improved.

I am having a hard time sourcing a rug, I have been outbid a ton of times for some killim rugs on eBay, but I feel like it may be a blessing in disguse since I am now considering something slightly different.

  I am now leaning towards this rug, I feel like it would look amazing up against the black staircase.  I would love any thoughts on this matter.

I found this amazing light on etsy, I just have to make sure that it can be delivered in time for the reveal.

I still have to figure out the cabinet, I am also considering a vintage dresser or credenza.  My thought process is that if I did a smaller dresser I could add in a chair or a bench.  Which means some fun fabric. 

 I will keep up all the hard work, and hopefully I will have lots of progress for next week.