A Well Styled Kitchen

Sometimes all your kitchen needs is a bit of styling to get it looking it's best.  Even if you don't love your fixed items like your cabinets or counters, adding new accessories can make it feel refreshed.  Here is the example of a kitchen without any styling.

Black And White Kitchen Design

Here is the same space styled.  Not that this space looks bad in anyway, anyone would love to have the herringbone wood floor, black and white cabinets and appliances, but once it's styled it takes it to a whole new level.      

Black And White Kitchen With Vintage Runner

 Adding texture and interest with accessories really bring your space to life.  Don't forget to add live plants and art to your kitchen!  It really makes your space warm and inviting.  Here are a few items to get you started on adding some warm touches to your own space.

Kitchen Styling Accessories.png