Is your contractor waiting on you to make decision?

  • You are terrified of making a costly mistake that you will regret for years to come.

  • You spend hours looking on Pinterest and like so many styles you don’t know what to choose.

Eclectic Kitchen Design

Imagine getting a beautiful designed custom to you plan, that is easy for you to implement!

Doesn’t that sound lovely?

  • No more questioning your decisions.

  • You can sleep well again knowing you have the perfect kitchen design for your space and budget.

  • You aren’t wasting another second trying to achieve a space that always seems out of reach.

  • You love entertaining and showing off your home!

Here’s How Your Space Will Transform….

Step One (1).png
Your Investment $850.00The real investment_ Having an easy to follow plan that is fun to implement that you can enjoy and show off to your friends! (1).png

Not in my area and still want to work together, don’t worry, I have you covered! Check out my online design services

Are you ready to start designing the room you have been dreaming about, this service is perfect for you if……

  • Want a beautiful space but don’t know how to achieve it.

  • Are good at following a plan.

  • You are overwhelmed and sick of scrolling Pinterest trying to find the right direction.

  • You are ready to enjoy your space and entertain more!

Frequently Asked Question

How long will the whole process take?

Normally a three to four weeks, but it all depends on scheduling and how fast you make decisions.

Do I have to pay for the whole service upfront?

No, you pay a 50% to get started and the remainder when the design is complete.

What if I need a structural wall removed?

I will show the design plan with the wall removed and noted that a structural beam or post needs to be added but you and your contractor will need to consult a structural engineer.

Can I shop around to find better deals on the products?

Yes, the design is yours to implement in any way you would like! I have an amazing local small kitchen design company I love recommending but the design is yours to shop around to as many custom or big box stores that you like.

What if I am not happy with the design?

I include 2 revisions in the cost, if you still needed changes it would be billed out at an hourly rate. I have never had anyone not love their design:)