Kristen Living Room

I have created two options for you since there are two possible furniture arrangements for you to consider. Option A has two sofas and is keeping your piano. The tricky part with your long narrow living room is placing the area rug, my suggestion is to either have one rug as per the floor plan or just opt out of having an area rug. On this option I kept it neutral with some dark blue accents and a touch of the saddle leather with the ottomans and mustard pillows.

Kristen Living Room Option A.png
Kristen Floor Plan Option A-page-001.jpg

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Option B

Option B has one leather sofa that will bring in the saddle colour that you liked as well it will be easy to care for with young kids. I paired the sofa with two accent chairs that will make your space feel a bit more open. On this option there is only room for one side table beside the sofa so I have added plug in wall sconces that I think will look amazing flaking either side of a new art piece. On this option I have shown the piano moved out of the room and a console table on the back wall with a mirror above that will reflect light back into your space.

Kristen Living Room Option B_edited-1.png
Kristen Option B Floor Plan-page-001.jpg

Design Instructions

  • If you decide to add the area rug place it as per the floor plan.

  • Depending on layout you choose place furniture as per the floor plan.

  • Hang art/mirror 6 to 8 inches above sofa/ console table.

  • Place new curtains on your existing rods but have the new panel just skim the floor.

  • Place baskets in existing cubbies.

  • Place tray on ottomans to make it useable for coffee table.


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Living Room Questionnaire

Do you entertain?
What patterns are you drawn to?
Floral Stripes Geometrics Solids Mix of patterns
What feeling of colour would you like your space to have?
Soft serene colours Bright bold colours Neutral colours with bold accents