One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Week 5

One Room Challenge

My room is flowing right along, I am loving the colour and how most things are coming together. Now it’s time for the fun stuff, accessorizing the space. Here are some of the items I am adding and yes I changed my mind again with the art!

Moody Den Accessories .png

I can’t wait to finish this project off and start enjoying the space. Make sure to check out all of the other guest participants as well as the 20 talented feature designers.

One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Week 4

unnamed (2).jpg

My den is starting to get a whole lot moodier over here!! The dark paint has really transformed the space. Here’s what it looked like before:


Here it is with the darker walls, so much better! Loving the colour, it is really dark but still reads blue especially when the sun is shining in the room. Loving the door and trim painted all the same colour, everything still needs another coat but even with one coat it is a huge improvement.

One Room Challenge BM Soot Painted Fireplace
One Room Challenge BM Soot Painted Door And trim

Make sure to check out what my fellow Guest participants as well as featured designers are up to this week!

One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Week 3

unnamed (2).jpg

Well better late than never is all I have to say this week, since I am posting this on Saturday instead of Thursday. It has just been one of those weeks! I do have progress going on in the space though.

These pillows are making there way to me as I type.

Blue And White Decorative Pillow
il_570xN.1618337842_d54n (1).jpg

I am debating my art choice now, if anyone has an opinion please weight in! Painting is underway and I am hoping to hope out this afternoon to see about finding any vintage side tables for the space.

One Room Challenge Moody Den Art Option A

Option A

One Room Challenge Moody Den Art Option B.png

Option B

Art From Jennys Print Shop

Make sure to check in with the progress with the featured designers as well as my fellow guest participants . Till next week!